Our BRAND is Better!

SuzieWhat does this cute cow, named Squeezie Suzie have to do with Printing? Not much, really…but we’ve adpoted our company slogan from the cow standing by itself: Apart From The Herd. We feel our products, services and pricing are different than any company we’ve come across. We’ll strive to work with you and make your company different…Why be the same as all your competitors, when you can be Apart From The Herd?

Squeezie Suzie is our mascot…she’s a stress reliever and ambassador of good business. If you ask nicely, we can send a cow out to you and you can follow her adventures at: www.ApartFromTheHerd.com this cow knows how to have fun!

At Get Set Printing, we’ve developed a niche to supply your printing through a unique process. We’re dedicated to supplying you with the best marketing materials at amazing prices, quick turnaround, and superior service.

GetSet Printing is a division of GetSet Marketing, LLC. For more information go to our main website.



We’re dedicated to our roots in Western Mass and we’re proud to stay active in various professional organizations in the area.

Affiliated Chambers of Commerce of Greater Springfield